Luxury Sedans

Lincoln Town Car

Luxury Sedans Lincoln Town Car

3 Passengers   |   4 Pcs. of Luggage

The 2011 Lincoln Town Car’s sound system keeps the symphony inside only when you want to hear it, while the thick steel doors and tinted windows mute the city noise to match the pleasant hum of its interior. The leather sings as you pass your fingers over it, barely enough to hear. Superior traction control, and steady anti-lock breaking yields a precision that saves you the worry of wanting to look over the chauffeur's shoulder.  You are not what you own, but you own what you are. Own it. Or just book us. We’ll do the driving. Movéo.

Mercedes S550

Luxury Sedans Mercedes S550

3 Passengers   |   5 Pcs. of Luggage

Low-lying frame. Streamlined aerodynamics. Unbroken steel lines and precise welds create movement that flows. The classic but subtle elements of design almost sound redundant, but never actually are. Seats hand-fitted with stitched leather grip your body while sustainably sourced timber panels console your mind. Mercedes S550, a timeless ride, perfectly suitable for pursuing the fountain of youth.